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    Monday, May 9th, 2011
    9:55 am
    A few brief thoughts on Yom HaZikaron
    Hello there.

    For Yom HaShoah I actually had this whole outburst of emotion, that I put as a note on Facebook instead of here, so more people could see it.  For those who didn't see it (and are fb friends with me), it can be seen here.

    For Yom HaZikaron, I also have some thoughts going on, tho less intense.  Could be because it's earlier in the day that I'm writing this and I haven't yet come to terms with the intensity of the day.  Or because I got out some of my feelings already on Yom HaShoah.

    Last night I went to a tekes, which was pretty standard if I do say so myself.  I started thinking to myself about how lucky I am.  Why is it that there are people in this country who have lost two or three members of their family to terror and war and I haven't lost any close friends or family?  Yes, I did know people who were killed, but they were acquaintances at most.  Friends of my parents or friends of my friends.  So while I do have (brief) memories and faces that I can associate with today, it's nothing compared to many other people I know.  And how much longer can I expect to be so lucky?  My Facebook newsfeed is scattered with pictures and names and memories of people who were killed - an uncle, a roommate, a best friend...  It sends shivers down my spine to think that I could one day be doing the same thing.  Or could any of you.

    Also, another thing.  It says all over the news that 183 people have lost their lives for the State of Israel since last Yom Hazikaron.  And I'm thinking to myself - who are these people?  We haven't had any wars in the past year.  We've had a few piguim, but those killed total maybe 20 people.  Maybe 30?  When I read further into the articles, I discovered that this also includes chayalim who died this years of injuries they sustained before.  Okay, that brings our numbers up a big higher.  But seriously, who are these people?  So I googled "חללי מערכות ישראל" and "חללי פעולות האיבה" and at least for the chayalim, I found this site which has info and a bio of each person.  And there are chayalim who died this week!  And last week!  And like all the time.  How did they die?  It just says "נפל" for most of them.  Were they all in תאונות אימונים?  Why haven't I heard of them?  Why weren't they in the news?  I thought each time someone gets killed, it's in the news.

    Anyway I'd best get dressed and start my day.  As I am now unemployed (since last week), I have a lot of time on my hands.  I'd like to maybe head over to the Kotel today perhaps.  And I'd like to be outside for the siren, which is an hour.  I'd like to see how many people stop on Derech Hevron.  Especially cuz like half the people there are Arab.

    Anyway, hoping for peace and all that, like they always say.  And a Happy Yom Ha'Atzma'ut for tonight!
    Saturday, April 9th, 2011
    9:14 pm
    You know you've been living in Israel for a long time...
    ... when you check the news to see if any tragedies have happened over Shabbat and are relieved to see that "nothing" has happened.  "Nothing" meaning about 100 missiles have been shot at Israel over the weekend, but.... that's normal, right?
    Thursday, March 24th, 2011
    10:11 am
    Thoughts and feelings on the events of the past few weeks
    Hi there,

    I was gonna call this post "Thoughts and feelings about yesterday", but really... I guess it's all connected, and no one act stands alone.  The piguah in Itamar...  I don't even know what to say other than it gave me nightmares for three nights afterwards.  Anything else I'd say about it, you most likely know already by now.  What's interesting is that while less grusome than the piguah in Itamar, yesterday's piguah terrified me a lot more.  Being as how it hit a lot closer to home.  And when I say "closer to home", I mean "my freaking bus stop that I stand at all the time and hit my freaking bus that I take all the time".  Despite this, my alarm woke me up this morning in the middle of a dream about how Sue Sylvester had turned the Glee kids into various aquatic mammals and had put them in the zoo.  I got cut off at the part where Mercedes the walrus was trying to bribe another walrus with a watch (that no longer fit around her wrist/flipper anyway) to help get her back to the other Glee kids.

    So getting back to yesterday...  I woke up at 6:15, and did what has become perhaps a bad habit, I lay in bed and checked my email, Facebook and the news on my iPod.  Saw that a Grad fell in Be'er Sheva.  Which was shocking, but not completely shocking being as how it happened last month, and also Askelon and Ashdod got hit recently, and ya know... כבר היינו בסרט הזה.  It's nothing new.  Got up, did my thing.  Thought more about Be'er Sheva and all the people I know there (I happen to be tight with the 50+ Anglo crowd over there...), got on with my day.  Later that morning, I saw that another one fell.  Yippee. Posted something on FB about the need for עופרת יצוקה 2.... Fast forward a few hours.  I was alone at work, working on work (I know, really.) and my regularly schedule Galgalatz music interrupts itself to tell me there was a פיצוץ רב-נפגעים at בנייני האומה in Jeru.  And since it had no further info as of then, it said to avoid the area and that it was going to put on chilled music until it had anything better to say.  Umm... okay.

    The first thoughts rushing thru my head were those of utter terror and panic.  And then anger and hatred.  I heard ambulance sirens blasting and helicopters overhead.  I locked the doors at work and checked the news obsessively.  Like many other people, I originally thought it was a suicide bombing on a bus.  I didn't know what to do.  I didn't know how I was supposed to go home.  And I didn't know if it was safe to Zumba that evening.  Hah.  Terror strikes my city and I think of Zumba...  To everyone who called and checked up on me - Thanks!  You made me feel loved.  And also, at that point in time, I was thankful for Facebook.  I have never before had an entire newsfeed of "I'm-not-dead" posts.  Last time I remember things like this happening, there was no Facebook.  Then again, I read some stuff about how FB's refusal to take down that page calling for a third intifada may have helped raise the terror level in Israel now... I dunno.

    בסופו של דבר I did go to Zumba, which I hoped would be less packed, but I was wrong.  For obvious reasons I've been slightly obsessive about חפצים חשודים since yesterday afternoon.  Every bus stop I stand at, I check it out thouroughly beforehand, and I stand as far as I can from the garbage can or anywhere else bombs could be hidden.  Zumba went on as normal, except for of course the topic of conversation of the naked middle aged locker-room ladies was about the piguah instead of their children, and at the end, the Zumba teacher told us that hopefully by next week's lesson we'll have been able to go thru a week of quiet (הלוואי עלינו...).  On the way home, I was squished on a packed bus, which made me a tad nervous, and then to get home, I switched to the 74 (which apparently got hit in the piguah too), cuz that's how I freaking get home, albeit, I did get on a later stop and not at Binyanei Ha'Uma...

    In terms of today, I have a party of out town this evening, meaning I'll have to come back via the scene of the piguah (cuz that's my freaking bus stop...).  I hope they cleaned it up well, since I don't feel like standing at a bombed out bus stop covered in blood.  Hopefully the rain today should take care of some of that.

    Given all the missles of various shapes and sizes (70 in the past week?  Something like that...) and the pigu'im in Itamar and Jeru, my mind went thru this intense debate with itself yesterday (while I was in the middle of my panicking session) of whether or not it should go back into piguah mode.  I know what that's like.  I've done it before.  And now I've gotten used to it being over.  And I want it to stay over.  Dammit.  The consensus was no, not yet.  But Jeez.... We'll see.
    Tuesday, December 21st, 2010
    9:57 pm
    Various thoughts
    Today in International Law class, the prof emphasized the point that democracies (and specifically Israel) pay for human rights in blood.  He went on in semi graphic detail of children being blown up on an almost daily basis during the second intifada and how we could have ended the intifada by telling Palestinians they must stay in their homes and anyone who goes outside gets shot.  But we didn't.  It's not humane.  And children continued to die.  This is the price for human rights.  He also added "כי זה נכון. אין ערבים אין פיגועים. אל תוציאו אותי מההקשר. אבל זה נכון. אין ערבים אין פיגועים".  And this is the same professor who at other times blames Israel's problems on the way it treats Arabs.  And who was so בוטה to dare to mention the Holocaust in the same sentence as Palestinians.  Several times.  I can't quite figure him out.  Also I found it interesting today that at several points, students brought up the United States as a shining example for human rights and equality and he said that the US isn't a shining example of anything except for its war crimes.  And then he tried prounouncing "Guantánamo" a few times with his heavy Israeli accent.  These ideas aren't exactly something new, but they have been racing thru my head since class this morning.

    On that note, how come we have 10+ rockets rain down on Israel yesterday and today and the headlines are about some seriously injured soccer player?  And the תת-כותרות that do have something to do with that mention us bombing the crap out of Gaza.  And these are Israeli news sources, people.  Ynet and Maariv.

    The semester is coming to a close soon.  Papers!  And finals!!!  Eek!

    For one of my papers I'm supposed to use theories of international relations to analyze any event anywhere in the world from the 16th century until now.  Uhh...  Ideas?

    Also today at the gym I got uber excited when I found out Arthur was on TV and then in a second (maybe two), I was brutally reminded of how painful Hebrew Arthur is to listen to.  They all sound like smokey all Israeli men.  And the adults call everyone מותק.... Uhhh... Yeah.  I can't remember the last time I got so excited and then so disappointed in such a short span of time.

    Okay.  Gonna go work on a paper now.  See ya!

    P.S. I like comments.  No pressure.

    P.P.S. Mazal tov to conundrum1  on the birth of another healthy baby boy!  As the old men in my shul in America (and my dad) say "Kiddush!  Kiddush!"
    Wednesday, December 15th, 2010
    5:56 pm
    Hi.  I'm sick.  I've got a cold and my flatmate's not here to take care of me.  I skipped both class and work today which I think was a good move.  My face is completely and utterly clogged tho it seems to be localized in my face now.  Hopefully it will stay there and not spread to my lungs or anything.  So yeah...

    Also why are all the famous people in America now born in the 90s?  I'm so old!  Like Charice.  You have to look her up.  She's awesome.  She's a Filipina singer who lives in the US now.  Also Justin Bieber, who's also not American.  He's Canadian.  But anyway...  I really like Iyaz also, tho I think he was born in 87 or something. 

    Okay, I'm just babbling.  I should go get into the shower and melt out some of the contents of my face.
    Tuesday, November 16th, 2010
    9:43 pm
    A book report of sorts
    I am in the middle of reading A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Housseni.  By "middle" I mean just about halfway thru.  And by "of reading" I mean I am not sure as to whether I will actually finish reading it since while it is very addictive with a cliffhanger at the end of every single chapter, the reason I haven't touched it in a couple days is because I threw it down in horror and disgust on Shabbat because of the grusome graphic detail the book feels the need to go into.  I'd like to spare mysef the nightmares, please.

    One thing about the book tho, and my recent trip to Jordan, is they make me crazy grateful to be living in the most normal country in the Middle East.  Even tho, as I've learned from this book and also from Little Mosque on the Prairie, it appears that Muslim weddings are more feminist than Jewish ones since the kallah has to sign the marriage certificate plus she has to say during the ceremony that she agrees to marry the dude.  There's no שתיקה כהודעה stuff for Muslims apparently.  And yes, I realize that women are basically forced to agree and forced to sign, but hey... in theory...

    Speaking of Islam, now that the days are so short, I hear the Muazzin literally every 2-3 hours during my workday.  Also I've been working more on reading at least a paragraph or so of Aljazeera per day and I'm keeping a list of the new words I'm learning.  I read it at home and at work no problem, but I tend to feel a bit weird doing it at huji since at any given time not in class at huji, I can see and hear Arabs around me and I figure it looks weird for a good Jewish girl to be sitting and reading Aljazeera.  Tho today I actually had the guts to approach one of them and ask him to go over my new words.  To make sure I spelled them correctly and to help me with niqqud.  Since like Hebrew, nothing in Arabic (except the Quran pretty much) comes with niqqud so I have no idea if I'm pronouncing words correctly.  I also have to stop absent mindedly scrawling verses from the Quran on my notes in class.  Have to make sure not to lend those notes out...

    Also did you hear about Tony Blair's sister-in-law?  She's so crazy she makes the European public look uber-Zionist in comparison.
    Sunday, November 14th, 2010
    11:02 am

    Good morning Livejournal!  Happy Sunday!

    What's up?  Anyway, this past weekend, iggylani  and I had the zchut of meeting tamzette  in real life.  Finally!  After she's met like all of my real life friends, ya know it oughta be time we meet in real life.  So yeah, it was super exciting.  Also, I want people to read/use LJ more.  Slowly less and less of you are using it and that makes me not post either.  But... I like LJ.  I like expressing myself!

    Hurrah for LJ!

    And now back to work...
    Wednesday, July 28th, 2010
    9:09 pm
    Cellphone service stations and other random thoughts

    The phone that I got 3 months ago... well, it's not as cool as I originally thought it was.  That plus the zoom on the camera never worked.  And the camera would freeze the phone sometimes, meaning I'd have to take the battery out and restart it to make it work.  That and the phone sometimes just turned off randomly.  קיצור, Samsung sucks.  I miss Nokia.  So anyway, today I finally went... Oh wait.  Back up.  Ok so two days ago, my watch stopped.  And I had אחריות on that.  Except that I got the watch in London.  Except that in London they told me if anything happened, I could mail it to London.  Except that I lost all the אחריות paperwork that came with the watch.  So then when I was looking for the תעודת אחריות, I found the תעודת אחריות for my old watch that stopped, which was still בתוקף!  Just to show you how fast I go thru watches.  So meanwhile, I called up the watch people who are based in קבוצת יבנה, and אם ירצה ה', I'll be sending them my watch.  And אם ירצה ה', they'll fix it.  Meaning anyway I'll be watchless for Shabbat, which I CAN'T STAND.  emu2 , תתכונני that I'll be asking you the time now and then, k?  So anyway I figured if I did that אחריות thing, I might as well take in my phone.  So I did that today, except that the craptastic חלופי phone they gave me came with a defunct charger.  So I'll have to work on that.  And I was thinking how the whole concept of אחריות is really awesome, except that when I thought about it more, it dawned on me - no. Products I buy shouldn't להתקלקל within months of buying them.  זה בכלל לא תקין.  So back to the topic at hand...

    See, I never really had a problem with Israeli customer service.  I enjoy it even.  I like playing Jewish geography and scrounging up פרוטקציה.  But a few months ago I had the pleasure (read: boredom) of following my parents to T-Mobile in Cleveland and then again to T-Mobile in London.  And oh my gawd - American and British customer service are incredibly POLITE and PATIENT!!  Especially British ones.  They have nametags with their names and keep asking how they can help and take all the time you need.  So I can't help but compare the Orange store on Ben Yehuda to them.  See, in פתח תקוה, the Orange store was all organized and stuff.  You'd walk in, go thru security, and then tell the person what you needed done.  You'd get a number according to what you needed and then you went to wait in this place with free coffee machines (with different flavors!), a water cooler and free orange candies.  You'd wait forever but the נציגי שירות were polite and professional.  Maybe it's cuz גוש דן thinks they're part of Europe.  Anyway, I've been to the Orange store on Ben Yehuda twice so far.  Both times I bumped into people I knew.  And unlike the orderliness of פ"ת, in Jeru, there are only two עמדות שירות and the two נציגות just sit there shmoozing away.  There was no one ahead of me, but I didn't realize that since no one asked me what I needed.  I had to interrupt their chatter and ask for help myself.  No one introduced themselves to me by name and no one was wearing nametags.  No one looked genuinely interested in helping me either.  Oh yeah and then at one point during me explaining what was wrong with my phone the נציגה sitting next to the one I was talking to started yelling "גועל נפש!!! מוקדי שירות לקוחות הם פשוט גועל נפש!!!" (no lie).  I don't really know what the context was since I was talking to the other one.  Except then my נציגה agreed with her and kind of ignored me for a few seconds and stuff.  So anyway, my phone is supposed to be ready in two days אם ירצה ה' and as of now I have a craptastic חלופי with a nonfunctional charger.

    So remember how I said "other random thoughts"?  I have a thing for seeing dads with their little girls.  It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.  Since dads are often the more minor parent and also there's a lot of father-son type stuff.  Anyway, I like seeing dads with their daughters.  Makes me think of my dad.  I should tell him this, eh?  So anyway, today in גן הפעמון I saw a charedi dad teaching his daughter how to ride a bike.  And he wasn't chabad or anything.  Real live charedi.  Long payis, long coat, tights (ow ow), 80s glasses - holding on to his little girl's bike and cheering her on in Yiddish.  My heart melted.  (Tho I couldn't help but try to calculate how long this girl had before it was no longer צנועה for her to ride a bike, but whatever.  That's not the point.)

    Also now that I put all this effort into applying to תואר שני, I'm starting to have second thoughts.  בקיצור, nothing I applied to להכשירs me to do anything.  All the types of jobs I want are ones where experience is more important and you have to start low and work your way up.  Getting a תואר שני might stop me from even getting into the bottom.  I'm feeling kind of trapped at work.  I'm thinking that once I decide once and for all I'm not doing תואר שני now, I'll start looking for a new job.  I'm just nervous because my job is stable and the people are nice and I just got a raise... and I'm not sure the next job would be better.  On the other hand, I feel very trapped and קצת מנוצלת at my current job and don't see שום אפשרות משמעותית לקידום.  The people at my office are nice guys and all, but they're ever so sexist...  Plus they don't really appear to believe I'm capable of doing any more than I'm currently doing, which is ironic.  Since I never wanted to be a secretary or translator and never considered myself particularly good at either one anyway.  What I want to be doing is meeting with people and being influential.  Not sitting around in an office straining my eyes on stupid excell charts and being stuck.

    Anyway, that's only a small part of what's going on with me, but it's good enough for now.

    Early Shabbat Shalom, y'all!

    P.S. Can you tell that I've been doing a lot less translation at work lately?  This post almost resembles my pre-translating days...
    Sunday, July 4th, 2010
    11:04 am
    Lebanese reality shows

    So I was watching the pan-Arab version of Star Academy, and there was one point where these people were singing "I Gotta Feeling"  by the Black Eyed Peas.  And guess what?  They edited out the "mazal tov" and "l'chaim" parts!  Umm.. What?  Do you really hate Israel THAT MUCH that you have to do that?  Also do they not realize that like half of their words and a lot of their grammar are of Hebrew origin?  And guess what?  I checked out if the Black Eyed Peas ever performed in Lebanon and they didn't.  Meanwhile they come to Israel almost every freaking year.  (Go Black Eyed Peas!)  So anyway, I don't get how it's legit for Arabs to like America and American culture when they hate Israel so much.  America is way worse to Arabs than Israel is.  It kills thousands of Arabs all the time in Iraq and such, and no one seems to care.  Also Beirut looks like a gorgeous and awesome city.  And it's so close!  Too bad we have to keep bombing it and such.  Without Hizbullah and Syria controlling them, we'd totally have peace with Lebanon I think.

    That was my random blabbering of the day.
    Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010
    10:30 am
    Men = מסכנים
    It's unfortunate that it's not culturally appropriate for guys to wear skirts/dresses.  There's nothing like wearing a loose fitting knee length skirt on the hottest days of summer.  A lot breezier than the pants I was wearing yesterday.
    Monday, May 17th, 2010
    10:53 am
    Burning garbage in the streets
    Why the hell would anyone in their right mind even dare to think that's a legitimate form of protest?  Jeez.  Dig up a few unidentified graves in Ashkelon and Haredim start destroying their own neighborhoods in Me'a Sha'arim and Rechov Bar Ilan.  And making everyone's air gross.  And making it more difficult for me to get to and from work.

    Except it seems that my bus gets rerouted at least once every month or two due to some Haredi garbage burning fit of rage or another.  It's ridiculous.  You'd think I live in some third world backwards country or something and not Israel.

    Monday, May 10th, 2010
    9:19 am
    You can tell my asthma's bothering me when...
    I'm going over a document I translated and I realize I wrote "in the lung run" when describing the possible consequences of a particular law.

    Hardy har har...

    Dammit lungs, I beg of you.  Don't let me down and please function properly today.  I have things to do.  Including a work related barbeque...  And tomorrow is Tobi's wedding.  Work properly then too.  I want to dance.  After that we can negotiate.

    Sunday, March 7th, 2010
    12:08 am
    Did anyone ever read משאלה אחת ימינה?
    It's a book by Eshkol Nevo.  And I actually liked it.  Which is interesting because most Israeli books suck because either they're (a) tragedies, (b) conspiracies, (c) really twisted and weird or (d) really boring.  So anyway, I won't ruin the end of this book too terribly, but I think it hit a little too close to home.  It's about four really good friends and during the book stuff happens and they each kinda go their own way and succeed in their professions and get married and have kids and stuff.   Except for the one telling the story.  Everyone's life goes on and he kind of lives vicariously thru them for a while while he continues translating and having asthma attacks here and there, but basically nothing in his life changes while his friends are all building themselves lives and paths of their own.  So yeah... he gets super depressed tho and I'm not super depressed.  I'm just sick of waiting for my life to unfold.  I want something to happen already.

    Something interesting to think about tho is in this book everyone's chiloni and the first person to get married is 25, which they all think is freakishly young.  Yuval - the one telling the story - is 31 going on 32 in the book.  Now THAT's old...
    Monday, December 14th, 2009
    10:52 am
    My Very non-PC Chanuka Rant
    First off, Happy Chanuka, y'all! :)

    Read more...Collapse )
    Monday, November 30th, 2009
    9:48 pm
    A more cheery post!
    Just wanted to thank y'all for your well-wishes! My cold's gone and my breathing's pretty much almost back to normal. (It boggles my mind that some people have asthma that out of control all the time. Jeez.) I even was at the pulmo today and did well on the pulmonary function tests (Can you say ספירומטריה? Come on Hebrew, get more of your own words...). So woohoo for being healthy! :)

    And tomorrow I get to go to a kenes my organization is hosting at the Knesset! And I get to wear a freaking cool nametag! Yay!

    I decided I really like Nine Days. Why didn't I listen to more of it before?
    Sunday, November 29th, 2009
    5:22 am
    I can't believe I'm awake now. It's 5 am and I'm posting from my iPod (I know I'm a jap :P) My stupid lungs stole yet another night of perfectly good sleep from me. I'm breathing ok now but the side effects from the inhaler are keeping me awake. What a crappy disease... Good thing I already emailed work last night saying I'm not coming...

    Sorry for the bitter tone. I'm gonna try to fall back asleep now. G'nite!
    Friday, November 27th, 2009
    12:22 pm
    Sick :(
    Hey y'all. I'm sick. It's not a huge deal really. Just a cold. But I'm miserable. And cancelled my Shabbat plans. (Sorry Chloe!) I hate when people are like "Oh, it's just a cold. Having a cold doesn't make you sick. It's just annoying. It doesn't stop you from doing anything." Arghh...

    Lemme backtrack a bit. A week and a half ago, I decided I was going to quit my every day (heavy duty, really bad for you) asthma meds to see how well I could breathe on my own, cuz it's been years since I last tried. Cuz if I don't need them, then why should I be subjecting myself to that? I decided I would quit the meds cold turkey and check my peakflow twice a day (which I am generally too lazy to do, because my scores almost always rock - like 90-100% of normal) to look for any changes, cuz sometimes I can't feel them. For a week and a half I was getting awesome numbers - same types of numbers I was getting when I was on the medicine. I was even exposed to pipesmoke, cold air, rain, swimming... all things that tend to set me off, and I was fine. I decided I was cured and felt stupid for having put all that medicine in my system over the years when I didn't need it. Then yesterday at work, I was a bit conjested and developed a cough. I seriously thought to myself "No worries. I don't have asthma anymore. This cold will be a piece of cake." And I went out to buy sucking candies to quiet my cough. Stupid stupid. I know. Because by yesterday evening my PF was hanging around the 70's (50-80% is considered not-too-great-but-you're-not-gonna-die. under 50%, you're supposed to go to the ER), so this morning I pumped myself full of Ventolin and even used my spacer (which I hate and hardly ever use), because I wasn't breathing well enough to actually be able to breathe in the inhaler the right way. I also temporarily started back up on the Seretide, which is what I just tried to quit. It's been over a year since I last had a cold, and I totally forgot what they were like. I'm also on cold medicine and Acamol. This morning when I woke up I was in the 70s again and pumped myself full of all the drugs mentioned above. What's funny is when I woke up I wasn't coughing or sneezing so at first I thought I was doing better. Only when I tried to get up and get moving, I realized I was pretty much suffocating and didn't have the lung power to effectively cough or sneeze. Oh. What's crazy is this week when I was convinced I was cured, I was thinking about how I'm an aweful person for getting the flu and swine flu shots and taking them away from someone who actually needs them. Hah.... yeah... considering how miserable I am with a cold, that was a really dumb thing for me to think. So anyway, as of right now all the drugs are in my system and working, so I feel pretty okay. I'm making myself a big pot of chicken/turkey soup and am gonna leave it on the plata all Shabbat. I hope I feel well enough to go to work on Sunday.

    Uch, every time I get sick I feel like such a baby for making such a big deal out of a cold. Colds aren't supposed to be a big deal. Thing is I have no clue what regular asthma-free colds are like. Blah.

    Oh yeah, for anyone who's a Katy Perry fan and wants a laugh: greatest cover ever!

    Shabbat Shalom all!
    Friday, September 18th, 2009
    12:04 am
    Funny :P
    Does anyone else thing it's funny that the new movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is translated as גשם של פלאפל?  I saw signs for it all over Jeru, and I'm like, "Since when do Israelis make animated movies?  What could that possibly be?"  Well now I know.  And I think it's creative. :)

    May you all have a healthy and a happy new year filled with nachas and success, etc!
    Monday, June 15th, 2009
    1:11 pm
    Hey, is it just me, or are other people also getting all their LJ ads to be in Russian for Israeli products?

    Yes, Mirideee, I know this doesn't count as a real post. I'll try to post soon!
    Wednesday, April 1st, 2009
    9:25 am
    I may be imagining things, but....
    For some reason I have this feeling that in some part of the world -- I don't remember where -- they have this concept called "department stores" that have floors and floors of clothes and kind thoughtful non-Russian speaking sales ladies who are actually helpful and don't try forcing you into buying hideous things you don't want.  And not ALL the clothes are 80s (*shudders*). And the makeup ladies just give you a smile as you walk by instead of telling you you're ugly and starting to shmeer stuff all over your face.  And if you decide to leave without buying anything, you don't get deathstares.  And there are lots of these kinds of stores in the same mall, so you can go from one to the other until you find something you like.  Oh.  And they have return policies.

    Am I making this up?

    Current Mood: confused
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